Let me introduce myself. I am Mehedi Hasan. I have completed my B.Sc. Engineering from Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology(RUET). My subject was Mechanical Engineering, and I didn’t enjoy it. Thus, I had decided that I should change my career. But how? In the year 2010(When I admitted at RUET), I started to learn HTML, CSS, PHP, javascript, and few CMS(WordPress, Joomla, Drupal). Later, I also learned about affiliate marketing.

I was the worst student (I had lots of backlogs) and took an extra one year to complete my B.Sc. Engineering. I have completed my graduation at the end of 2015.

If you want to know more about my struggle, then check it my about page.

Those 5 years, I was involved in only freelancing work. But, at the beginning of 2016, I make a plan that I need to do something big within this year. And at last, I execute it. So, let’s begin my case study.

First, check my 9 month total $6823 Earning screenshot

amazon affliate income report

Amazon earning = $6,823
Sponsor payment= $700 (I was promoting someone product and he paid 8% extra commission in my PayPal)
Sold Website = $43,000

Total Earning = $50,523

How I Sold my website without any broker?

My plan was I will sell my website in January 2017. But, most of the plan does not go as your way.

However, back to my website selling story.

Normally, I get lots of emails through my website contact form. Because I was on the top position for a couple of keywords. But, I do not reply to most of them because of a lack of time. I got an email from a girl who wanted to publish a product review on my website(She was an assistant of the buyer). She emailed me most probably 12 September. I gave a reply on 27 September.

After my response, that assistant reply was like this:

website selling first communication

I knew most of the people don’t know the true value of the website. Thus, my reply was like this:

My reply to website buyer

After 3 days the owner of the company personally email me like this:


The buyer was doing Amazon FBA, and he has his own product on Amazon for selling. I am also promoting the same kind of products. So, if he can buy this website, then he can easily increase his income 2X.

Now, I sent an email explaining everything about my website. I also explain future growth and what is the benefit of the buyer(Because he had his own product on Amazon).

My expected price was between $50,000 to $60,000. I told him everything why I am expecting that kind of price.

He replies to me that he cannot invest that kind amount. He can only invest $30,000.

After receiving his low offer, I did not reply to him instantly.

I was calculating what could be the last price from my side. My August, September and October income was like this = $1148, $1740 and $2000+ (We were discussing the middle of October, so I estimated the October month income according to growth).

I thought $43,000 is a fair price because we will use escrow.com directly for selling the site. Here will not be any third party and it will save mine 15% extra broker fee.

After two days I reply to him, my last price $43K and I cannot go below this. Within 2 hours, I get a reply from him like this:

Company owner confirmation

Next 15 days, we did a couple of times video chat. He checked my Amazon earning, Google analytics tools visitor graph even I gave him permission to “read an analyze” the data. I was getting almost 90% of visitors from the search engine. So, I have not any problem with that permission.


I did everything white hat SEO; So I gave him everything that he wanted to verify. Even buyer research about me and found my total online history 🙂

It is not bad. He wanted to make sure I am not a fraud. I gave him my freelancing profile ID link too. It gave him some trust. I am working online for a couple of years, and I am genuine, and I have not any fraud activity.

On the 2nd of November, I transferred the domain. I gave full Cpanel control (Hey man I did research about my buyer too 😉 ) and his developer, and within 6-7 hours he completed everything.

I need to wait now for 2 days (Tension period). The buyer will check the product sale on those two days. When he saw that he is getting a good amount of sales and everything is real, what I told him. Before finishing the 48 hours time period hour, the buyer released (confirmed to the escrow.com) the money.

Escrow.com send me the money within the next 3 days.

Escrow.com - Transaction

Tension Tension Tension:

When escrow.com released the money, I instantly went to my local bank with all kinds of proof. I was expecting they will not create any problem because this is a real freelancing work income. I have all the kind documents. But, my local bank directly denied and told me they would not accept that kind big amount. Can you believe this? Can you?

I just became hopeless. I waited more than 18 days to add that amount because of bank issues. You cannot believe in 18 days of tension time. I cannot explain mine and my family situation.

After 18 days somehow, my local bank agrees to receive the money.

My website details:

I spent 20-25 days to find powerful keywords. Actually, I have learned lots of things within this time too. Now, I can find lots of money keyword within 5-6 hours.

I bought the domain on 13th January 2016. I applied for a new Amazon Affiliate account most probably 15th January 2016 without publishing any content. (My old amazon Id was banned because I did not accept their 13 years age privacy policy term. Actually, I was not interested in amazon affiliate that time).

I use a simple, responsive ThemeForest paid theme. I published 12 articles and then submitted my website google webmaster tools. The date was 5th February 2016. And then all was the history. I have explained everything below part of the article.

My main targeted keywords structure:

I normally do not target “best + product + review” type keyword as the main keyword. I target “best + keyword” type keywords. Here keyword means only “chainsaws” as an example.(Check keyword research section for details).

1) “Best + Keyword” = 3 words = When, I started that Search volume was only 5600. Now, reach at 12100+ per month. This keyword Ranking top 2(table show 1).

2) “Keyword + review” = 3 words = 4400 monthly search volume. Ranking top 4-7.

3) “Keyword” = 2 words = 49,500 Monthly search volume. Ranking top 4-6.(I guess, If the buyer can rank then only from this keyword he can earn more than $5,000).

My Total Post:

Ohh man! I had only 7 pages and 45 posts. So, I had only 52 posts 🙂

Total Cost:

I have not detailed data about my website cost.  But, I am sure I did not spend more than $1500 on that website. Almost all cost was only for quality content.

Daily visitors:

When I sold it, I was getting 500+ visitors per day. But after selling, I am seeing huge improvement and website are now getting 600-900 visitors per day(Why I sell it at a low price:(

Backlinks profile:

According to Google website tools, I have gotten 224 backlinks.
According to Ahref tools, I have gotten 179 backlinks and 53% Dofollow.

How I build this money making website within 9 Months?

I didn’t know anything extra-ordinary, and I followed a simple step. But I worked hard day and night on it.

Step 1: Keyword research
Step 2: Domain Selection
Step 3: Content
Step 4: SEO

A very simple step. Right? Ok, let’s start with how I completed those steps.

Here I will share how to build a simple niche and easily reach 1000-3000 per month.

(Authority website tactics will share another post later of this year). If you are a beginner or you failed lots of projects, then first build a small successful niche. Never think too big when you start. If you do, then your failing chances will increase.

Step 1: Keyword research

Your project will completely fail if you start a website without keyword research. Website success totally depends on keyword research. You need to find low competition keywords to create a successful niche. My 20+ website was failed only for this reason. So, I spent a few days only on a keyword. When I got my main keyword, I found another 4-5 sub-keywords easily.

How I did it?

First, go to amazon.com then

Departments-> Full Store Directory

or Directly go this link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/site-directory/ref=nav_shopall_fullstore

amazon.com all categories list

Here you will able to view all amazon categories. Choose one of the categories that you interest or know very well about that.

For example, I am selecting the Home, Garden & Tools category.

Now, (1)Home, Garden & Tools => (2)Patio, Lawn & Garden => (3)Outdoor power tools => (4)Chainsaws

This (1),(2),(3),(4) has lots of categories and subcategories. Just play with all the categories that you like.

Amazon Sub Category

Look, my last subcategory was (4)Chainsaws. Now, I will go to the Google keyword planner.
You need to share to view the below image;).
[sociallocker] Google Keyword Planner Tricks[/sociallocker]

Check the screenshot very carefully. I included the Best word with Chainsaws. Also, look left corner of the image. “Keywords to include” here I use the “best” word.

“Best Chainsaw” has a good search volume of 8100.

The most interesting part is here. Check the screenshot below part of the keyword planner.

Here, I have found some long-tail keyword that has the “best” word.

“best electric chainsaw”(1600), “best chainsaw for the money”(880), “best small chainsaw”(480), “best rated chainsaws”(480), “best chainsaw brand”(720), “best professional chainsaw”(590), best cheap chainsaw”(210),”best gas chainsaw(320)”,”best chainsaw chain(720)” and so more…

Do the exact same process, but now use the word “reviews” instead of “best” word and hit again “Get ideas” button.

You will get a few more long-tail keywords.

Remember, “Best” and “Reviews” both are buying keyword and always try to get those keywords that have “best” or “reviews”.

Awesome! Right?

Now, I will go any keyword tools to check the competition.

For example, I will check through Long Tail Pro. For this tool, I will check only Domain Trust Flow and Domain Citation Flow. If I find the first 3-4 websites have authority more than 35(Here, Domain TF and CF) score, then I will avoid that keyword.

Normally, I do not check any other metrics. Because, if I find the first 3-4 website weak or less authority, then I believe it will not be hard to beat other top websites.

Check the same thing with other long-tail keywords.

The main keyword at least 2000+ USA monthly search volume and then I try to get more 5-10 sub keyword which monthly search volume 300-1000.

Very interesting! Right? Now, I believe if you understand the logic, you will never face any problem with keyword research. If so, you can contact me through my new website contact page.

Step 2: Domain Selection

Most people will say don’t buy an exact match domain. If you do a homepage statics normal niche site, then the exact match domain very very important. Yes, buy exact match domain with .com, .net or .org whatever you get.

Step 3: Content

Big, big headache. What have I done for this?

Before produce content, I read lots of articles about my selected topic. When I knew everything about that topic, then I started to look for writers.

I went hirewriter.com, freelancer.com, and clearly explained what I want. I gave article structure details, example site links even how to finish the article. Normally, I go with a new writer to minimize my cost. Then, I teach him how to write and what I want from him. If he/she try and follow my instructions, I stick with him/her for the next 30-50 articles. As a test purpose, I send 5 articles, and the writer needs to prove his/her quality within those articles. I always try to finish one project with only 1 writer!


Because when he writes a few articles about the same topics, he knows everything about that. So, now he can write more easily and quicker time with great quality. A random writer cannot do that.

Step 4: SEO – Link building

I guess 90% of people stuck here. They don’t know how to do it.

Onpage SEO is very important than Off-page SEO.

Onpage SEO: Homepage with keyword optimize + lots of variety of keywords. I did it myself because the writer cannot do it. The other post/page only followed Yoast plugin instructions. Post/page permalink should be short, and it should contain only the main keyword.

Now, Google gives so much importance on LSI, so you need to create lots of variations of your keywords. Like our example: Best Chainsaw, Chainsaw review, Best chainsaw review, Good chainsaw, etc.

Offpage SEO: Backlinks! Only backlinks are real if you want to rank your website. I don’t know who invent this, that irrelevant backlink not work. It works. Really, it works. You cannot follow everything that Google tells us. If so, then it will take a long time to rank your site. From my experience, I will say get the link as much as possible! No matter, it is relevant or not.

But, powerful backlinks really matter. If you have a travel website and you get a backlink from the dog website, then will it work? Yes, it will; If a dog website is very powerful. Like, If you get 50+ relevant backlink, but from low-quality sites, then it will not work. So, high authority website links important, not relevancy.

But, to remain a safe site, I recommend you should create at least 50% relevant website backlink.

Nofollow backlink work?

Actually, not. But it has something.
My experiment says you can try to get two type Nofollow links.

1) Relevant website link.
2) Authority website link.

No need for extra work for that. Just post a comment will be ok to get those type Nofollow links.

Now, How I check the website powerful or not?

Install any plugin to your google chrome browser:

If Alexa ranks less than 30,0000, then I consider that the website link is good.
If Alexa ranks less than 20,0000, then I consider that the website link is better.
If Alexa ranks less than 10,0000, then I consider that the website link is the BEST.

Hottest thing of this add-on is you can check any website backlink profile too. It will not give 100% backlink profile, but it will show at least 70% backlink profile of your competitor. And yes, it’s totally FREE.(This add-on don’t work anymore)

How can I get do-follow backlinks?

Really, I did not know anything extra-ordinary again.

First, I checked my top 10 website backlink profile. I am using the rank signal add-on(This add-on doesn’t work anymore). I checked every website backlink profile, and I get all kind link which is easy to achieve.

After that, you can try Ahref tools to check the backlink profile. It is Only paid tools that I like much.

Now, I need to find a new backlink source. What can I do…What can…

Ok. I start to check my sub keyword list again. There were few new websites (for those keywords) who are ranked in the top 10. So, I can check those competitors and get some links using the rank signal again.

Then, What?

I don’t know you may call it spamming. But, I did, and it works. I find out 30-40 high authority active forums. And 50% were relevant and other 50% irrelevant. I engage a month of those forums. First, I gave lots of question-answer to make my profile real. Then, when I get some trust, I gave my website link a few of the post threads.

I explained earlier powerful backlink work lie charm and powerful forum backlink also work the same way(I know how hard to get it).

Guest Post:

This topic has lots of posts. I do not write much about this. But I will share some tips. When you offer someone for the top website, they will not care that. He/she gets lots of emails like yours. So, why he/she care? You have to give something more than their expectations. You can give an offer like this:

“I will find a good buying keyword; If you have specific topics, then you can send me I will write a good informative article for you; I will write more than 1000-2000 words article” etc. If you personally contact the webmaster, then it will be helpful for your future projects. So, try to give them a very high-quality article. And before sending an email to the website a little bit research his/her website. I wouldn’t care to spend more than $100 if I get the quality link.

Here a few notes:

Use keyword anchor text when you get do-follow backlink from high authority sites.
Use keyword variation anchor text when you get links from other or normal sites.

Have you any questions? Comment below. Or You can contact me through contact me page. You can find me on Facebook here. I just open a Facebook group to help newbies. Join my Nichestarter Facebook group.






Only Money Talks, not Grammar. So, if you find a few grammatical errors let them go 😉
Actually, I didn’t read it 2nd time or hadn’t enough time to read it.
However, I am sharing here my strategy only not the business. Thanks for reading 🙂


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